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I meet you where you are and, as we work together, you will find out what possibilities are waiting to be discovered within you.

Feeling a bit of fear or resistance about taking the next step? I understand! I will help you trust that you are ready, whether you believe it or not, to create more choices in your life. 


When you walk the path of darkness, the horizon will begin to look brighter.
— Lisa D. McCall


Lisa has helped me tap into many unknown territories of myself and ever since this cool realization, I have found myself continuously exploring new experiences and changing life goals as it pertains to the ride. I am forever grateful for the way she helped me look at things from a refreshing point of view and for helping me to realize that possibilities are endless.  Lisa is an amazing, zany person with a fun spirit. Her approach to life has made me think differently. I love her vivacious approach to life. The way she talks about the world fascinates me. Thank you for a new perspective and for impacting my life for the better! Lisa rocks!

Grace - Baltimore, MD

Lisa saved my life! She is someone I am grateful for everyday! I was so anxious and stressed when we met, it was difficult to settle down and talk. I carried so much static energy and was constantly fretting and anxious to the point of physical illness. Through multiple creative activities she guided me to understand and appreciate myself and discover what I wanted. I was able to learn that I was also deserving of happiness and was not responsible for everything and everyone! With various exercises I was able to assess and comprehend more about myself; my responses and my family's. She was always checking in with me, not intrusively, but with friendly warmth. She shared articles and links relevant to my current issues and our discussions. We mutually determined the frequency of our meetings and she was always available to help with any new conundrums, develop a mantra to help me, or just listen.
She is life changing and simply wonderful!

Carol - Churchville, MD

Wood heart in Hawaii. LDM

Wood heart in Hawaii. LDM

Lisa is guiding me on such an amazing journey!  My world is opening up before me in ways that were never before possible. When I first started life coaching with Lisa, I was seeing unwanted patterns repeat in my life and did not know why or how to change them.  Through voice dialogue and guided soul-searching, Lisa has helped me identify the root cause of these behavioral patterns, which in turn has allowed me to change my reactions.  As a result, I am expanding my social interactions, no longer needing “permission” to engage the world around me. For example, as the second of three children, I always deferred to my older sibling or gave in to my younger one.  Not any longer!  I am standing my ground with firmness and love and my family relationships are so much richer.  Also, I am no longer a “prisoner” to my protracted concern of hurting someone’s feelings.  I can now approach difficult situations with honesty and compassion, secure in the knowledge that my needs and desires are as important as anyone else’s.  And, divorced after 30 years of marriage, I have even started to date again, something which seemed impossible just a year ago.  I have learned so much about myself by working with Lisa, and I have learned to enjoy people and things in my world so much more deeply. As I said, what an amazing journey!  Janet - Severn, MD

I met Lisa a few years ago while working in a clinic she directs. It is there that I witnessed firsthand her caring nature and how those who need her most find their way into her life; four and two legged alike. I will never forget the time she helped a man who had lost his daughter tragically. He came into the clinic drunk and looked like he had been through hell and back. Lisa did what she does best and that night he went home and turned a new page.  This year I had my own troubles. My relationship of three years was falling apart and ending terribly, my work life wasn’t any better, and I had made a last minute decision to move across the country. I felt lost, I had no idea what I was going to do once I moved back home. As if by chance, I spoke with Lisa about my situation. She had just finished her life coaching certification and offered to help me. We met up a few times and she helped me set up a plan, a sort of guide that helped me out of the fog I felt trapped in.  She is an inspiration and a wonderful coach to work with. 
Ani - Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for all the help and support you have given me over the last 9 months. You have given me the tools and coping skills to go forward and create a “meaningful present”. (I love that phrase, it somehow encompasses what I want.) I truly believe that if I work on that, then the future will take care of itself and it will be okay. You are quite the inspiration with your incredible self-awareness and ability to trust in yourself to create the life you want." Deborah - Phoenixville, PA

Lisa is wonderful and creative. She guided me through the creative process for my business. I accomplished so much MORE working with her in under six months. I've been at this for three years. I highly recommend Lisa! Ellen - Baltimore, MD

I can't thank you enough for all the support, encouragement and great ideas you have given me in our time together. It would have been so much more difficult and challenging to go through the last year and a half without you! I don't know how you did it, but you always seemed to pull the right thing out of your hat when I needed it, even when I didn't have a clue. From finger painting, to word poetry, meditation, Voice Dialogue, drumming (my favorite), and yes, even dancing! I don't know if I am completely ready for my next chapter, but you have taught me to live more in the moment and trust myself, so I am ready to begin. Getting to know you has been a pleasure and a privilege. Mary - Annapolis, MD

Lisa helped me identify what I wanted, and just as important, what I didn't want. It may sound simple, but that one act really helped me keep my eye on the ball which was finding a new place to live. When I finally walked into the place that is now my home, I knew what I was looking for and knew the moment I walked inside that was the place. Without taking those steps, I probably would have ended up staying where I was another year. So glad I didn't do that because I'm the happiest I've been in years.
Laurie - Annapolis, MD

I want to thank you for helping me clarify the next steps I wanted to take regarding work. Your creative approach helped me get in touch with my creativity and bravery to go in an entirely new direction. I am enjoying my new work adventure and am having success. I especially love how I am now helping artists put their designs on products and I hope to make that a new niche for myself.
Robin - Westminster, MD

Lisa has a positive outlook on life and has an ability to connect with issues and empower! Lisa was able to listen and provide a realm of thought provoking possibilities for me. I found our sessions to be both motivational and useful in my career. Lisa offered creative ideas and also made me feel she was truly interested.
Melody - Frederick, MD

Heart bush in the Sahara. LDM

Heart bush in the Sahara. LDM

Heart stone in the Sahara. LDM

Heart stone in the Sahara. LDM

Life Coaching with Lisa, is a journey into JOYFUL creativity. Lisa's methods are unique. She draws upon broad ranging self-growth perspectives which include culture, context, spirituality, and down-to-earth practical strategies. With compassion, she will be an unconditional witness to you. You will be guided into discovery of your true desires, aspirations, hopes, dreams, and selves. She also has a rare gift that can't be taught in a life coaching or counseling program...she can hold your dark heart. She has traveled far and wide in her own journey into the heart and mind and she extends those hard earned insights and wisdom so selflessly to her clients. With Lisa, I found transformation, freedom and hope.... I recommend her highly with my all my heart, mind, intellect, and soul... Rachel - New York, NY

Lisa 'gets it.’ Her down to earth personality makes it easy for me to open up without any fear of being judged.  I have been turned off by others in the therapeutic and self-help world and am not looking for a coach who looks down their nose and acts like they have all the answers.  I want to be seen for who I am, truly heard, and treated compassionately despite my situation or outward appearances. Lisa makes me feel safe.  When working with her, I feel completely accepted and I can tell how much she really cares. She's the kind of person who will bravely hold your hand through your darkest times, see the value in who you are, and help you see it too. I feel so lucky that I found her!
Sadie - Boston, MA

I never thought about seeing a life coach until I met Lisa. From the very first moment we spoke, I knew she would be helpful in my quest to reinvent my retirement. She is skilled in guiding you toward what you truly are passionate about doing. Lisa helped me develop personal tools that stimulate motivation and focus. I am grateful for her help and highly recommend her to anyone seeking personal growth. Jes - Baltimore, MD