What's The Dark Heart Creative Program?

The Dark Heart Creative program is 3-month, and 3-part personal creativity and development workshop. Each month we'll meet for 6 hours to participate in guided meditations, art, writing, nature activities, and more. 

The Details:

  • January 6, 2019

  • February 3, 2019

  • March 3, 2019


The Dark Heart Creative Program is a personal development workshops that will allow you to explore the shadows of your Dark Heart—embracing the good and releasing the parts that no longer serving you. The treasures of the Dark Heart are not only dark, they are rich with creativity, imagination, and dreams. By increasing awareness of what dwells in your shadows, you reveal your inner artist and creative "genius."

The Dark Heart Creative program meets one Saturday a month for three months. Each month's activities progressively build upon the next. Session are six hours each, during which we will do guided meditations, art/writing/nature activities, along with spontaneous dancing (because being joyful is also part of going through the Dark Heart!). 

Between the gatherings, you'll explore and expand upon what you experience with assignments that focus on increasing your daily mindfulness. You will be able to root the awareness and creativity you are gaining into your everyday life.

Email support will be offered throughout the program. Each month, a 1-hour one-on-one coaching session will give you a chance to deepen the process, with the aim of bringing about internal shifts that lead to lasting transformations.  


What can the Dark
Heart Creative Program do for you?


By diving into your Dark Heart, you'll increase your awareness of all the voices you carry within so you can gain a deeper understanding of how they influence you. When you begin to hear their messages with objectivity, you can practice the balanced decision making that leads to feeling more playful and lighter in your life. 

3 Monthly Topics

Beliefs and Perceptions -–Exposing your Dark Heart to the Light
Exploring the shadows of your Dark Heart will bring greater awareness of the beliefs and perceptions that can hold you back. Exposing them to  the light will release your creative "genius".


Playfulness and Passion - Creating the Path that is the Rhythm of your Soul         
 As you embrace your Dark Heart, the messages of your playful inner muses will be heard. You will savor your senses, poetically write, and                         passionately discover the Rhythm of your Soul.


Creative and Curious - Infusing your Life with Creativity and Curiosity          

Light cannot be defined without dark. This journey of stirring up your creative juices from the Dark Heart will flow into the chambers of your heart now from a lighter, playful, passionate, and curious “child’s mind” so you can infuse what you have learned into your everyday life.