Going iNTERSTiTiAL: The Dark Heart, An Illustrated Journey

I’m keenly aware of and do not shy away from the darkness, shadows, heaviness, as well as the vast void that dwells within the human heart: mine and others I encounter. No human is immune. We all are the walking wounded. Thing is, we have an easier time watching stories that reflect our hidden vulnerabilities than acknowledging and reaching into the darkness that contains them. (Think of the collective popularity of zombies, vampires, Walter White of Breaking Bad, etc. who are monstrously wounded beings). 

Although it may be preferable to chain, lock, and barricade the chambers of the Dark Heart, when we hide the intensity of our wounds it can give rise to depression, anger, self (and projected) judgment, and a false sense of being in control. “Domestication” from childhood on pumps our ego with messages to be good, dutiful, strong, scared, and (you fill in the blank), which eventually shrinks our wildness to venture where many fear to tread. It may feel safer repeating the same pathological patterns, but don’t be fooled. You will not die entering the Dark Heart. Although it holds unknowns and great uncertainty, there is light within. Expansion is waiting in the interstitial shifting that can take place…

I will be taking you on an illustrated journey of The Dark Heart by posting words with mixed media illustrations. I feel like I am entering my own dark heart because sharing it is frankly a scary thing for me to do... 

susan hughes