We move through many shifts in life - birth, death, puberty, menopause, marriage, divorce, accidents, illnesses, being laid off, etc. - not to mention the plethora of decisions we make on a daily basis. Some tangibly shake us up like an earthquake and others barely register our attention. Tangible or intangible, they all work together in a common cause to shape our lives. 

What feels "interstitial" to me is not just the shift itself but an edge lingering somewhere between the person we were before and the person we will become. A betwixt and between of time that can last anywhere from seconds to years and holds "those elements we have yet to see or imagine" (Working Together, David Whyte).  

In the range of interstitial unknowns yet to be experienced, there are those who may linger on the edge of death held on by life support for as long as the life support is connected; babies can dwell in the birth process for hours, between the state of enveloped fetus and their first full breath of air; seconds can take on a slow motion effect when viewing a truck barreling out of control straight towards one's car. 

The interstitial message that arises as our body, mind, and soul are drawn through these edgy experiences of what was and will become is about letting go. Control is futile, trusting the unfolding is optimal, even if it seems futile, for maybe everything we must experience, uplifting or not, is miraculous. Each and every moment of each and every life, no matter who, how long or short lived, how harshly or gently lived is miraculously shaped again, and again, and again..

susan hughes